Cybersecurity: Why larger companies are more successful and better prepared to ward off threats

  • Team Omega
  • April 5, 2012

Larger companies consider cyber threat as a serious issue that could hinder their business.  They follow and keep up with best practice rules. Smaller companies pay less attention to several important areas, and mid-size ones fall somewhere in between the two.  Mid-size companies are inconsistent in following up with certain important aspects of security and fall behind.  

Here are a few points that distinguish the larger companies from the rest.

  • Larger companies make cyber security a top priority and pay attention to all elements of security. 
  • They regulary update systems and applications, implement firewalls and also have data encryption, access controls, and use security measures from reputable service providers and vendors.
  • They train employees on best practice measures.
  • They maintain logs so they are up on who does what around the clock; also do regular monitoring
  • They are better prepared to face a breach.  An Incidence Response Plan is kept current and tested.

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