Do insider threats and breaches warrant the majority of our focus compared to external threats?

  • Team Omega
  • October 30, 2013

True a lot of breaches occur within an organization.  In recent times, we have the Wiki leaks by Julian Assange, and of course Edward Snowden who is very much in the limelight. There are several examples of  how disgruntled IT employees have hacked corporate networks and sometimes even an unintentional mishandling of data has led to internal breaches.

However, the latest Verizon report says that only 14% was directly related to an insider being involved while about 76% came from external sources.  Sometimes an incident that has received more media attention might be misconstrued as the worst.

Sensationalism gets public attention but facts are likely to paint a truer picture.  Businesses have to implement solutions to avoid all potential risks and threats based on a wider knowledge about data security.  Consider your own environment and weigh the options on how best to protect your customers.