Securing user access at your organization. Keep it simple.

  • Team Omega
  • January 31, 2013

It all begins with the best of intentions. The administrator/s at the IT department grant access to only necessary information based on the employee’s function and role. But, with turn overs, constant changes of administrators, and cross-fuctionalities of employees, it is impossible to keep an incessant check on these things. The risks become greater for breaches. Keeping all this straight is a challenge especially in a large organization. Hence automation becomes absolutely necessary. 

Omega’s solutions do exactly that. The admins can see at one central console, what an employee has accessed through which machine, how long he/she was on that page and when the person logged out. This is a necessary security measure not only for PCI compliance but for general security and better productivity. Since logs are generated it gives an insight into personnel activity over a long timeframe. If at any point there is a breach it makes it easy to narrow down to the perpetrator.

If you have not taken measures already to stay on top of access control, and need help with better security and information on when users access machines reach out to us at 636-557-7777 or email