Poseidon is here; not ‘The Poseidon Adventure’. Could it be related to your card data?!

  • Team Omega
  • April 7, 2015

It’s the new POS malware called ‘Poseidon’ that can skim credit and debit card numbers as soon as they are run through the terminal for payment.

A much advanced POS Malware
“We see this malware as a progression from past malware targeting POS systems. It was professionally written to be quick and evasive, with new capabilities not seen in other POS malware’, says Cisco security outreach manager. POS malwares have been easy to build with better returns and lesser resistance according to another information security expert. “Poseidon can communicate directly with command-and-control servers, self update to execute new code and has self-protection mechanisms guarding against reverse engineering. So, retailers are not doing their due diligence”.

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