Should employers allow social networking at the workplace?

  • Team Omega
  • June 1, 2012

Well,  looks like there are two schools of thought on this.  I will deal with the cons first and in a follow-up blog talk about the positives of allowing employees to do social networking.  Honestly, I am amazed that there are any pros to this question.

Social networking and use of web sites for personal reasons at the workplace is quite detrimental since employees do not restrict the time they spend accessing these sites. One reason being they lose track of their time; the other is the lack of focus on their real job and productivity.

 Sharing business documents, links and confidential legal information is a major reason why employees should not be allowed to spend time on Social Media. Downloading of applications that could contain viruses is another reason. Open access to social networking sites pose major threats of malware and  hacking.  There are also more chances for data leakage not to mention other unmeasured downsides such as expense of company time and money.

If your company blocks social sites, then it is nothing unheard of.  Many US companies ban use of these sites at the workplace.  But on the other hand, one in five companies allow it.  I’ll explore the reasons as to what those upsides are in the next blog.

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