Is someone trying to steal your customers’ credit card data?

  • Team Omega
  • June 21, 2014

July 18, 2013 – The National Association of Shell Marketers (NASM), a brand-specific trade association which represents the community based businesses that markets Shell petroleum products is sponsoring this Webinar event for its petroleum marketers and members.

This is a combined Pinnacle and Omega event. Omega’s President, Shekar Swamy will be presenting on the topic, “Defending Your Business Against Cyber Attack”.  

More on the topic and the speaker: 

Is someone trying to steal your customers’ credit card data? Are you prepared to defend your business against cyber-attacks?
If you think your stores and gas stations are vulnerable to cyber thieves, you won’t want to miss this webinar. We’ll review how criminals are using old proven methods and new technology to attack businesses like yours.  You will hear customer case studies of single site operators and Level 2 merchants; why they were breached or failed an audit. We’ll share best practices for keeping your business secure and your customers’ data secure while reducing your risk. Join us on July 18th to learn how to build your arsenal with the latest weapons to protect against the spreading security threat.
Shekar Swamy is a familiar face to Omega ATC customers and partners, as actively engaged with cultivating these invaluable relationships as he was twenty-one years ago. With the launch of Omega ATC, Shekar’s company was an early provider of centralized retail systems management and security.  Today, Omega ATC is also a recognized provider of Systems Management, Data Security and PCI compliance solutions serving gas and petroleum, retail, convenience store chains, and quick service restaurants.  Omega provides both a hosted data security service OmegaSecure, and an installed solution, OmegaManager.  Shekar has published numerous articles and papers in the field of information services, and is a frequent conference speaker at data security events around the country on information delivery systems, retail security, and PCI compliance topics.