Stories on malware. Where are the check-points?

  • Team Omega
  • November 28, 2011

There’s always the risk of malware easily creeping into our mobile devices and organization computers and/or servers. We all know the term ‘malware’, and that it is a no-no. But what if the malware is blessed by the authorities as in the recent case of the Malaysian government digitally signing a new malware with an official key. Many of the restrictions to prevent malwares destroying computers were removed because of the official key signature.  This came to light recently, the certificates are now being revoked and will disappear within a week.

Polymorphic malwares are the worst kind. Even when countered by signature based anti-virus they cannot be removed that easily.  However, there seems to be some light on the horizon to counter these malwares.  A recent article in SearchSecurity says, a California-based network security company was able to analyze moving traffic in its new virtual sandbox. The experiment was able to block malware by addressing them with a new anti-virus signature. Hopefully, the experiment will work in real environments.  Although, this is only a baby step and will not be enough when hackers seem to be steps ahead, it is a starter.