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Keep it simple. Just one on-premise data security solution you can control.

There is no doubt IT staff at organizations are overwhelmed with maintaining evolving security standards.  Companies we talk to repeatedly say that dealing with 6, 7, 8 or more products is too complicating and hard to keep up with.  First is the expense; then the time, resource, training, issues, upkeep, and the list goes on.  One single answer that can consolidate all of the features and capabilities of these products is all they want.

Omega offers exactly that:  OmegaManagerTM.  An on-premise solution with a diverse, versatile arsenal of capabilities for all your systems management, data security and compliance needs.  One simple, consolidated solution of several services cleverly packaged that will save you time and money. OmegaManager is a perfect answer for merchant Levels 1 and 2.

What makes OmegaManager remarkable? Here are the top few reasons:

  • You will be positioned to achieve compliance with all electronic aspects of PCI data security guidelines.
  • You will get one view through a centralized console that provides valuable insight into your systems’ security.
  • You will have one consolidated view to the security and activity of multiple locations.
  • You will be able to gather details of software and hardware operating at each location where an Omega agent is deployed.
  • You will have secure PCI compliant remote access to your computers from anywhere in the world to provide rapid change capabilities whenever necessary.
  • You are sure to have a safe and secure login with fully encrypted (256-bit) two-factor authentication.

Do we need systems management in this equation?
Proper systems management is the number one essential step for all aspects of data security and remediation. It is the basis on which data security is built. Manage your systems, software updates, deployment, desktop policy settings, and leverage hundreds of provided scripts for automating procedures. With these as a base, you can easily manage mandated data security controls. So, focus on systems management first, followed by data security next, and compliance becomes automatic. Omega does it all.

Here’s what our OmegaManager customers are saying:


Honey Farms, Worcester, MA
“We have gained numerous business benefits from Omega.  Among the mostsignificant is the guarding of our customers’ data. Their solution is uniquely consolidated. You just can’t find a solution out there that does everything for PCI compliance like OmegaManager.”
Ed Freels, Director of Information Systems, Honey Farms, Inc., MA 

Handee Marts 7-11, PA
“Omega is the best decision I have made – the system’s benefit goes far beyond PCI compliance”.
Jack Wolford, IT Director, Handee Marts, Inc. dba 7-Eleven Food Stores, PA


U.S. Coast Guard Exchange System, VA
“My experience with Omega is that they are interested in you getting what you need, not just selling you stuff. They’re a good company to do business with.”
Nathan Tefft, US Coast Guard Exchange System, VA

Find the right partner
If your business doesn’t keep up with data security, it’s more vulnerable to breaches.  But, protecting your customers’ data isn’t easy, it goes beyond compliance.  It’s also about proper systems management.  True security takes an experienced partner who can ensure the entire combination of systems management, security and compliance is flexible, painless, and done right. From petroleum marketers to hotel and casino operations, from quick service restaurants to convenience stores and retail operations, Omega has covered them all.  See a list of our customers.

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