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Security as a service platform

Network monitoring, internal vulnerability scanning,

syslogs collection

Monitor your network and scan anytime without disrupting business or slowing down your normal business transactions. Works in all environments including EMV and point-to-point.

The S100 Omega Appliance is fully integrated with the Omega Security Operations Center (SOC) and serves as its log collection and scanning engine at each store. It’s a small, but powerful (5” X 5” X 2”) silent, fan-less, low-power, solid-state computer, pre-loaded with software and sent to your store, or optionally installed by us at your store, to monitor and remediate any security issues detected. Call us for details at 636-557-7777 x2453 or email
Appliance for network monitoring, internal vulnerability scanning, syslog collection

It simply plugs into an open network port within the Cardholder Data Environment at the store and just like any Omega Agent is completely managed from the Omega Security Operations Center by Omega staff.

The S100 Omega Appliance Capabilities

  • The S100 works in EMV and point-to-point encryption environments
  • Scans multiple Subnets
  • Provides a powerful platform for Omega to perform all security monitoring at the store
  • No VPN connection is required, it scans locally
  • Works even on slow-speed connections
  • Detects vulnerabilities and uploads the scan results to the Omega SOC for consolidated review and remediation
  • And a whole lot more…

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