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Omega Compliance Dashboard.

Find out your organization’s status on all twelve PCI compliance requirements.

The Omega Compliance Dashboard

Security and compliance is not just about automated systems and processes. It is also about ongoing data security and continuous compliance. Omega is the first to come up with a solution to show compliance continually in a dashboard. The results are based on several sources of information at any time for all twelve Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). These include those that require action on the customer’s part. Additionally when customers need it, well-trained data security experts are available to provide direction and assistance as needed.

Omega engines work continuously for two deliverables to be produced:

  • Omega Compliance Dashboard
  • Omega Compliance Evidence
Omega Compliance Dashboard

Omega Compliance Dashboard

Clicking on non-compliance areas in a graph will allow a drill-down on the exact system (s) that is out of compliance. The Omega staff continually monitors the dashboard and takes any actions required to remediate issues, or to assist the customer in remediating issues when the customer involvement is required.

The Omega Compliance Remediation Engine and Agents operate around the clock to collect and monitor logs, patch and update operating systems and applications, manage user accounts, run custom automated procedures, and other functions.

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