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Case Studies: Plaid Pantries, Inc.

Plaid Pantries, Inc. (“Plaid Pantry”) Convenience Stores Sought PCI Compliance That Could Do It All

Plaid Pantry’s Background:

Plaid Pantry, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, has 103 convenience stores under its own brand name with locations ranging from Salem, Oregon to Seattle, Washington. With the number of credit card swipes increasing at each store, PCI compliance was critical. Nearing 1 million credit card transactions per year, Plaid Pantry is preparing to be a  level-2 merchant. They have the following Pinnacle solutions: Palm™ POS, Oasis™ back office, and Price Book™.


Originally, Plaid Pantry was looking to obtain better logging processes by building a solution internally. However, a homegrown solution was going to end up being expensive and time-consuming to build. So instead, the IT Manager sought out existing solutions, and started by looking at several different offerings, quickly realizing that a comprehensive PCI compliance solution with a team of data security experts behind it would be most advantageous to Plaid Pantry.


Plaid Pantry wanted to become PCI compliant quickly, but didn’t want to get there on its own.The firm needed a solution that would not only help with immediate PCI compliance needs, but also help its convenience stores remain compliant.


Plaid Pantry selected OmegaSecure™, the hosted PCI compliance solution. The solution was implemented one year ago across all 103 stores. Plaid Pantry was impressed by the expertise of the Omega team and the comprehensiveness of OmegaSecure™ solution, which manages every aspect of PCI compliance within one console. The team at Omega is steadfast in its mission to be up-to-date with all PCI compliance mandates and changes, and shared that benefit with Plaid Pantry. The OmegaSecure™ solution, which already offers robust overall functionality including logging, patching, and remote control, provides Plaid Pantry with automatic software updates to help the firm keep up with emerging industry mandates for PCI compliance.

Client Opinion:

“The people at Omega are good to work with from the bottom up. Their team is extremely knowledgeable in data security and PCI compliance.  They are always available to answer questions. They are true experts and they delivered on the commitments they made.”
— Brad Buckmaster, IT Manager, Plaid Pantry


  • OmegaSecure™ offered more than Plaid Pantry was originally seeking – it offered comprehensive technology to manage all aspects of PCI compliance, besides logging
  • All OmegaSecure™ agents were up and running across all 103 stores within 2 months
  • Very little interruption to each individual store, and did not require any hardware changes within each store
  • The Omega agent allows them to connect to stores securely and access the logs in one place
  • Impressive scripting and ability to change passwords remotely
  • Two-factor authentication through a system that is incredibly easy to use