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Refocus your business goals on growth. Let Omega technology take care of data security and compliance

IT staff in the retail space:

Where is your effort at work spent? Think about it for a minute and then compare your answers to the questions below.

Is it on,

  • Updating software?
  • Managing anti-virus across several systems?
  • Resolving login issues at the stores?
  • Fixing painfully slow store systems especially during peak business hours?
  • Organizing the software installed on the dispersed locations and machines?
  • Worrying about the protection of your customer’s personal information?
  •  Worrying about the security of your POS systems?
  • Wondering what answers you need to get ready for the QSA coming in next month?

Systems management in the retail environment is tough. It is a drain on company time, money and resources, and most IT teams have enough projects to handle without even adding the data security pieces. How does a company ensure that tedious routine management of IT systems does not shift focus away from making important business decisions?

Refocusing your IT goals 
The simple answer is a managed service or an installed system that can resolve systems management, data security, and compliance issues. For today’s retail security environment only Omega has all the pieces including Internal Vulnerability Scanning and Wireless Intrusion Prevention which are now mandates for compliance.

Systems Management
Omega makes systems management simple. You will have one centralized console and the automated Omega solution will expertly manage your environment. Omega will keep it secure and noticeably lower your IT expenses while providing better services for your stores. You will be able to organize and control software updates, distribution and deployment; manage your systems and servers; deploy end point security to protect your stores from malicious attacks and monitor your network from a central console. In summary, you will be able to conduct all your routine network management tasks in a fraction of the time you spent before. That by itself is a big return on your investment without even factoring in data security and compliance.

Data Security 
The automation and management of your systems through Omega are in fact tailored to the data security needs of each individual merchant so you can accomplish all your data security mandates.

Omega will provide you,

  1. Consolidated reporting and alerting
  2. Logs for system events
  3. Secure and encrypted remote control sessions
  4. File integrity monitoring
  5. Wireless intrusion prevention
  6. Adequate access control
  7. Patching
  8. Internal and external scanning
  9. Verification of POS application
  10. Anti-malware
  11. Anti-virus and anti-spyware

If you address your systems management and data security needs through Omega, compliance is just a few steps away. Omega will provide every last piece of the puzzle and help you get to compliance. You will receive log reports for remote control, firewall, event logging, file integrity monitoring and patching to show proof of compliance. Finally, evidentiary reports, written security policies, internal scanning, external scanning, and assistance from senior security strategists for the 280+ self-assessment questionnaire will complete every PCI DSS requirement.

With Omega you can do more without the need to add resources. Omega solutions are chosen by customers to cater to their exact needs; likely more but nothing less. Retailers at different merchant levels have picked Omega over other solutions because of their expertise, reputation, value for the money, expert customer support, and delivery on their promises.

“We have gained numerous business benefits from Omega. Among the most significant is the guarding of our customers’ data.”
– Ed Freels, Director of Information Systems, Honey Farms, Inc., MA

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