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Case Studies: Rutter’s



In August of 2009, Rutter’s decided its chain of 55 convenience stores needed to become PCI Compliant. At the time the entity was growing and so were the credit card transactions. The Rutter’s IT department was not certain of all of the requirements of PCI Compliance, and they required additional expertise.


Identifying the Existing Gaps in Security:


CoalFire, a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), was hired to perform a gap analysis. As a result of the gap analysis, they found out they were not compliant and that they had some serious and significant gaps to fill.


The Solution:


Rutter’s required both technology and expertise in assisting them in closing their data security gaps and began seeking a company that excelled in both areas. One of the requirements Rutter’s identified was an installed solution that their own IT team would control and utilize across 200+ machines. In addition, they wanted a single solution that could perform all aspects of data security.


After looking at the capabilities and comparing competitive solutions, the team at Rutter’s selected OmegaManager™ as their PCI Compliance solution. Not only was it more economical than the competitive offerings, it also satisfied the requirements of PCI Compliance within one holistic solution. Once a free trial implementation was performed, Rutter’s was convinced they had selected the best of the best.


The Steps Toward PCI Compliance:


In August of 2010, Omega Manager™ was implemented at Rutter’s within one week’s time both at their corporate offices and also at their remote machines across all 55 individual stores.


CoalFire, the original QSA firm that performed the gap analysis, reviewed the OmegaManager™ solution over a web-based discussion and demonstration. After a short period of time, the same QSA also visited Rutter’s in person to reevaluate the original gaps in data security. After a four-day review, OmegaManager™ delivered the validation information the QSA required. One week later, Rutter’s received their letter confirming PCI Compliance.