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Show me a cost-effective Data Security solution for my business

When you think of the words “data security,” it is unlikely that “cost-effective” is the next word that comes to mind.  It’s true that every small business owner would like to have the peace of mind data security brings, but many feel like such a solution is far too expensive. Not necessarily.

Breach of your customer’s data is expensive!
As many reports on data breaches have noted, breaches are often not very expensive to prevent, but are very expensive to suffer. According to Verizon’s 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report, 97% of the breaches documented were avoidable without the need for difficult or expensive counter measures.  According to a Ponemon study on the costs of data breaches, companies that suffered breaches in the United States paid on an average $204 per customer record compromised. This study also stated that the least expensive cost of data breach remediation of a company involved in this study was $750,000. In short, it pays to be secure and data security is cost-effective.

Getting secure also means cost-efficiently managing your network
But how does a merchant go about making their data secure?  One very effective way is to properly manage your IT systems.  IT systems management includes tasks such as:

  • Installing and regularly updating firewalls and patches.  Make sure that your passwords are strong and are only in the hands of people who need them to perform their job functions.
  • Ensuring that all data is encrypted so that if the first stages of a breach do occur, it will not be easy for hackers to progress further.
  • Monitoring is also extremely important so that if your network is compromised or not functioning properly, you know about it before the situation gets out of hand.

The process of IT systems management and data security may seem intimidating for some, especially small business owners with little or no IT knowledge.  This is a legitimate concern.  Systems management can be time-consuming and confusing, even for a trained IT staff.  A hosted solution works well for business owners who do not have the time, knowledge or staff to properly manage their network. It doesn’t stop here. Our break-fix managed services team can also help your business meet industry PCI compliance mandates which is another way you can save money.  It is proven that meeting PCI compliance mandates not only reduces the likelihood of a data breach, it also greatly reduces the risk of incurring steep fines.

OmegaSecure – A better solution
OmegaSecure™ is a hosted IT systems management and data security solution for Level 2, 3, and 4 merchants.  This automated solution takes care of your most demanding documentation and security processes such as data security, compliance, monitoring, reporting, logging and remediation. OmegaSecure™ safeguards your retail systems, centralizes system security, and helps your business meet industry mandates.

OmegaSecure™ is ideal for merchants who have minimal or no IT staff. Our solution delivers secure and effective systems management without investing in new hardware or more IT staff, making this solution very cost-effective.

What makes OmegaSecure™ unique is the one view through a centralized console that provides valuable insight into your systems’ security.  You can view the security and activity of multiple locations through the central console.  OmegaSecure™ even gives you detailed descriptions of every network application, so that you know what is running within your network and why.  Our solution does all the work pertaining to effective systems management for you, while keeping you informed. You can finally rest assured knowing that your network is safe and secure.

OmegaSecure works – A True Story
Plaid Pantry owns and maintains 103 convenience stores with locations ranging from Salem, Oregon to Seattle, Washington.  In the beginning, Plaid Pantry sought to obtain better logging processes  by producing and managing a solution built by its own IT team, but this option proved  to be not only time-consuming, but expensive as well. Plaid Pantry’s IT Manager subsequently decided to purchase an existing solution in order for his IT team to focus their energy on other day to day tasks. He started by looking at several different offerings, until he found Omega. With its diverse and robust data security and systems management offerings, he knew Omega would be the best fit for Plaid Pantry and its many stores.

Plaid Pantry selected OmegaSecure™, the hosted PCI compliance solution. This solution was implemented one year ago across all 103 stores. The OmegaSecure™ solution, which already offers robust overall functionality including logging, patching, and remote control, also provides Plaid Pantry with automatic software updates, helping the firm keep up with emerging industry mandates.  And since it is an Omega product, Plaid Pantry continually receives outstanding customer service which accompanies all Omega products and services.

“The people at Omega are good to work with from the bottom up. Their team is extremely knowledgeable in data security and PCI compliance.  They are always available to answer questions. They are true experts and they delivered on the commitments they made,” Brad Buckmaster, IT Manager of Plaid Pantry, said.

Check out our website and Plaid Pantry’s video testimonial to learn more about Plaid Pantry’s experience with Omega.

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