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Systems management and data security for every retailer

The secret to one smart, simple answer for all systems management and data security needs of Retailers

The questions most often asked by IT Management and Retailers are, ‘how do I get past day-to-day routine IT tasks when it consumes most of my time. How do I find the time to attend to important lucrative projects or deal with the data security needs of the business’?

Retailers are discovering a smart, simple answer in OmegaSecureTM, the integrated managed services solution that offers everything – systems management and data security while addressing requirements of compliance.

Centralized Management
The key is centralized management.  Every retailer deserves a solution that will make IT systems management more efficient, less time-consuming, and less costly, regardless of size.  Automation and a centralized approach using Omega will do that for you.  Automating recurring tasks–like logging, patching, management of network and software updates — will free up your time.

Omega offers complete systems management that provides a single pane of glass view into all aspects of managing your environment. Your network can be monitored and controlled from one centralized console, eliminating the need to run multiple programs and applications.  If you are on a strict budget, centralized systems management could help you eliminate the need to hire more staff.

Protecting Your Customers’ Valuable Data – What does it really involve?
Protecting your customers’ data isn’t easy.  It goes beyond compliance and maintaining guidelines alone.  It’s also about data security; and true security takes an experienced partner who can ensure the entire process from systems management to data security to compliance is flexible, painless, and done right.

Here’s a solution where compliance is just the beginning
The team at Omega will ensure you’ll be positioned to achieve compliance with any and all PCI guidelines, and they will keep you updated on new rules and regulations as they pass.  But you’ll also benefit from their unique set of tools that takes your security to the next level. Automating routine IT maintenance tasks through Omega will improve accuracy and decrease downtime.

Systems management and data security for every retailer
The Omega Total Systems Management solution is ideal for small retailers because all aspects of systems management are taken care of without having to hire additional IT staff.  Systems Administrator Nicole Murphy chose Omega specifically for this reason.  When charged with finding an efficient systems management solution for her employer, South Pacific Petroleum Corporation, Murphy searched long and hard.  She needed a solution that would reduce the time she spent on routine IT maintenance and save the company money.  She finally chose to partner with Omega, and says that she found a solution that allows her to concentrate on her many other responsibilities.  SPPC did not have to increase their IT staff, did not have to make any significant changes to their locations, and gained the added benefit of data security.  Read SPPC case study.

The Omega solution also works well for larger retailers who already have an IT staff in place.  A Level 1 and a Level 2 customer — one based in TX and the other in PA picked Omega because of data security and compliance issues they needed to address. With Omega in their environment and through the use of systems, processes and resources, their systems management voids were closed.  It made fulfilling data security and compliance mandates a cinch — a natural outcome of proper systems management.

Omega’s specific expertise includes:

  1. Complete systems management solutions honed through 20 years of large scale implementations for retail chains in a variety of industries
  2. Development, integration and deployment of tools and technologies for data security and compliance
  3. Expertise in assessing PCI scope and compliance gaps for Level 1 through Level 4 merchants

Plus a whole lot more. Call (636) 557-7777 or email if you need help understanding how to effectively spend your money and address specific needs of your environment.

Let Omega help you
Centralized systems management is vital to preventing vulnerabilities, keeping your network organized, manageable, up-to-date, safe and secure. Omega can do it without sending businesses into a sticker shock.

Check out Omega’s website to view the solutions, learn more about Omega, and read real customer testimonials.  You may also listen to our short video testimonials.