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No time left for important work because the minimal tech staff is only working on break fixes

You are not alone if you have only one or two tech staff managing different locations and home offices. Their time is probably consumed by break fixes and managing things like communication servers leaving no time for much else.

“This is a full-time job in itself. Omega has a plan and a system that works, without me having to reinvent the wheel.”  -Nicole Murphy, South Pacific Petroleum Corporation

South Pacific Petroleum Corporation’s (SPPC) IT Systems Administrator Nicole Murphy being the only tech staff knows how overwhelming retail systems management can be.  With only so much time in the day, she needed a solution that could do a lot of the heavy lifting for her in regards to total management of her environment so that she could return to her many other responsibilities. Read success story.

The Rutter’s convenience store chain was looking for direction and expertise from an expert IT team like Omega’s.  They also required a solution that could be controlled and managed by their in-house IT or Tech team.  They found the perfect answer in Omega.  Omega’s expertise in retail data security helped them in more ways than one. Read success story.

Complete IT and Tech Systems Management for the Retail Environment
Omega provides a single pane of glass solution for systems management and security for any retail environment.  This means that all aspects of data security—like scanning, monitoring, logging, patching, remediation and more—can be controlled from one central console.  Centralized systems management eliminates the need to navigate multiple programs to monitor the status of all your systems.  Using a single, consolidated solution versus multiple programs to manage data security also saves a retailer’s valuable time, money and other resources.

Omega’s Total Retail Systems Management with built-in data security capabilities puts you in control:

  1. Simplified management of all systems, servers and data security
  2. Software updates, distribution and deployment
  3. Patch management
  4. Watch Dog Agent for Data security and PCI Compliance
  5. Network monitoring from a centralized console
  6. Extensive logging, collection and retention of logs
  7. Wireless intrusion prevention with secure built-in Wi-Fi
  8. File Integrity Monitoring

and a whole lot more….

Now that you know management of everyday tasks can be simplified, what about the security of your environment?  We address that too. Omega also provides extensive retail security services so that users get the most out of their Omega experience.  Omega provides solutions that are tailored to the security needs of each individual merchant.  And assistance with any issue is always just a call or an email away.

Omega’s Retail Security Services highlights are:

  • Customization of retail security specific to a retailer’s environment
  • Managing systems at the headquarters and stores, keeping them up-to-date
  • Security Strategist – assistance in completing compliance forms for all 286 controls required for compliance, including policies
  • Annual  Penetration testing
  • Training customer for managing and executing Incidence Response Plan

Return on Investment
You get tons of business value from Omega. Use it to manage your retail systems and you get a bonus – data security. You will gain lots of time to manage your other responsibilities without having to worry about your systems.

Here are some key benefits

  1. You gain control over your entire retail environment – without worrying about the heavy lifting.
  2. All tasks are automated so there is really no need to add additional staff allowing retailers to use their current employees for more lucrative projects.  Software deployment, updates, and management are thankless tasks that eat up a lot of time and resources especially since they need to follow regulatory standards.
  3. The architecture Omega provides is scalable to retail environments of all sizes.
  4. Expert System Engineers and Security Strategists assist you – no need to hire your own.
  5. Optionally, Omega can also provide you Data breach Insurance to help you sleep better.

Make Omega work for you!
Omega ATC offers an automated single pane of glass solution to manage your entire IT and tech environment inclusive of home office from a centralized console. You automatically get data with no additional staff to stay on top of tasks like updates, patching, logging, or monitoring. Visit the Omega website, to learn more about our comprehensive retail security solutions. or call 636-557-7777 to learn about how Omega can help your retail environment stay Safe and Secure.