12 security vulnerabilities hackers target and abuse

  • Team Omega
  • January 29, 2015

Any network or device worth securing is worth hacking into as well. So, how do hackers target these vulnerable areas?

Here are 10 obvious weak areas that attract hackers.

  1. Gullible and over-trusting users
  2. Unsecured building and computer room entrances
  3. Discarded documents and computer disks
  4. Network perimeters with little to no firewall protection
  5. Poor access controls
  6. Un-patched systems
  7. Web applications with weak authentication systems
  8. Open wireless networks
  9. Passwords that are easy to decipher
  10. No set processes for monitoring, scanning, logging or file integrity monitoring

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Some points have been borrowed from an article written by the principal at the NY criminal defense law firm Bukh and Associates, PLLC.