How essential is secure data backup? And, what about recovery when you need that data?

  • Team Omega
  • March 18, 2013

It’s bad enough if you lose digital photos of your family on your personal computer, but what about business critical data such as accounting spreadsheets or entire databases of information?

When backing up business critical data, it’s important for the process to be secure, dependable, and for the data to be stored offsite. But here’s where you pay attention. Most consumer grade backup offerings don’t encrypt your data as it moves to and from the cloud. Additionally, the data backed up to the cloud is usually stored in a single offsite location. Is that good enough for large enterprises? It is NOT as experienced by corporations.

If you truly want your data to be safe and secure you need a product that can deliver both these options.  Omega Secure Backup+Recovery is the right choice.

Omega can provide you with a total enterprise level backup and recovery package. Not only is your data encrypted during the backup process, it is also transfered to the cloud through a secure encrypted connection.  The data is then stored safely in two separate data centers over 3,000 miles apart.  You can back up specific files or entire SQL databases and email servers. 

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