Step-up risk reduction. Refresh with most read data security articles of 2015 and plan your 2016 strategies.

  • Team Omega
  • December 3, 2015

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The year 2016 is fast approaching and Omega ATC would like to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to all of you for another great year. We would also like to end this year with a roundup of some of our most read articles and blogs of the year.

  1. Discover hidden card data on your systems and network
  2. Stay resilient to cyber attacks with a sustainable data security strategy
  3. Studies show costs of breaches and recovery are perpetually increasing
  4. ​An optimal approach to safeguarding sensitive information
  5. New technology changing the face of data security
  6. Stop ongoing targeted attacks in their tracks
  7. It matters how a business handles the aftermath of a breach incident

Unsecured organizations are at an imminent risk of a breach. With breaches increasing nationally, data security and risk reduction cannot be ignored. Retailers need immediate answers. A responsible partner with expertise and experience can not only guide them in the right direction but also find the best solutions for their environment. Reach out to Omega ATC to discuss how we can get affordable, defensive, and proactive measures implemented.

Omega will help you with a game plan of proven strategies and solutions, so you can be one of those retailers who simply makes it too difficult for a hacker to penetrate your network and card data environment. Call 636-557-7777 and talk to our Data Security Strategists Kathy Denton at  x2405 or Thomas Duncan x2452, or email to get a free 30-minute consultation.