A 17-year old found not guilty over 50,000+ cyber crimes. Are there no consequences for underage criminals?

  • Team Omega
  • July 9, 2015

Finland acquitted a cybercriminal over several thousands of data breaches and cybercrimes. The Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat reports, “Julius Kivimäki — a.k.a. “Ryan” and “Zeekill” — was given a two-year suspended sentence and ordered to forfeit EUR 6,558.”

Kivimaki claimed affiliation with the Lizard Squad, that sabotaged the gaming networks of Microsoft and Sony on Christmas Day. BBC reported that the evidence presented at the recent trial showed that more than 50,000 computer servers were hacked by Kivimaki. “He also stole credit cards to buy luxury goods and shop vouchers, and participated in a money laundering scheme that he used to fund a trip to Mexico.” In addition, the hacker cum ‘sociopath’ as described by a victim, was also involved in fake bomb threat activities.

So, why would the Finnish government not punish the teenager for such grave criminal activities? There are no clear answers to that. Many who have followed this case have shown disappointment as these crimes are as bad as physical assaults and crimes. Aren’t we glad that the United States government has a more severe legal system than Finland?

Cyber criminals lurk in all areas of american businesses. Preventing them from getting into our environment be it business or personal is a common responsibility.

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