A quick look at company best practices with BYOD

  • Team Omega
  • January 15, 2013

Let’s look at the threats first.

  1. When mobile devices are attacked, often on the surface they look simple and easy to eliminate, but the proliferation to applications and web-services, is way deep.  
  2. Malware for mobile devices is way more scalable than malware that get into PCs.
  3. Applications that users install on their devices are not checked for validity and are downloaded into devices as and when people get hold of them, especially the free apps.  Here the loophole is big for hackers.
  4. Just the chances of losing portable devices are much more, making the BYODs more vulnerable.
  5. There is hardly any differentiation between corporate and personal data that get into these devices. The use of data criss-cross with no limitations on the purpose or use of the data.
  6. There are no check points between the transition points from and to the devices.  Interception points are open and free for all. Great way for hackers to get in anytime.
  7. With so many carriers offering apps. that are downloaded into mobile devices, there is no single security solution to manage them all.

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