A recent hacking Incident and Charges

  • Team Omega
  • July 31, 2013

Here’s a quick summary of a hack involving 5 hackers from Ukraine and Russia. The US Secret Service had been on the case for a while and in a federal indictment recently in New Jersery, the hackers were charged for consipiring in a worldwide data breach scheme involving hundreds of millions of dollars targeting high profile large companies.

The report says, ” Initial entry was often gained via SQL injection exploits. The hackers were able to find and exploit vulnerabilities to infiltrate computer networks.” Once they infiltrated the networks, the defendants placed malware on the system to create a “back door,” providing access to the network. 

Hackers, especially when they know that large valuable data is available target the victim patiently.  They are persistent and in this case apparently malware was planted in companies’ servers for more than a year. 

This incident is a perfect example of how hackers peristently target companies even when security measures are in place.  Retailers of all merchant levels, and that is if you want to stay in business and not face the stress level of when or if you will be hacked, should pay attention to data security and PCI compliance.  This is applicable to every retailer who accepts credit card transactions.  Silently staying under the radar will not last forever.  Besides, once breached the expenses of averting any future incidents and the penalty from the different card brands may actually end up killing your business.

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