Add Antimalware to Your Protection Arsenal

  • Team Omega
  • May 29, 2012

Computer viruses are certainly one form of malware or malicious code that most retailers have already protected against. Common antivirus products are the ones generally used by retailers for protection. However, other forms of malware especially data-stealing malware pose even more of threat.  Data-stealing malware collects personal and proprietary information with the purpose of monetizing the stolen data through direct use or underground distribution.  This type of malware includes key loggers, screen scrapers, and spyware. 

Check your current antivirus product to verify that it protects against all types of malware – not just viruses and if not, get a centrally deployed and managed antimalware solution to augment its protection.  If you need help, call on Omega ATC at 636-557-7777 or email