Be extra aware of data security while posting or accessing social network sites

  • Team Omega
  • September 5, 2013

More often than not, private is quite public.  Now if you apply that to social media, nothing is private.  The more people share the information you post, the more public and available that becomes.  From photographs to videos to links everything is open to the whole world. Limiting the information that goes on these social media sites is a good way to protect privacy.  But where does that limit lie?  A good rule of thumb to follow is this — if you think something that you say or upload could get you into trouble and you hesistate, that is a good indication to stop yourself from posting it.

Some rules you’d want to keep in mind:

Rule 1 – Use strong passwords like you would at work.  They are hard to guess.
Rule 2 – Use https encrypted connections to social media sites.  They seem to be more secure.
Rule 3 – Be wary of mails coming from social media sites.
Rule 4 – Do not click on links embedded in emails coming from social media sites
Rule 5 – Do not install any third-party applications coming from social media sites.

These are just some basic rules but can help keep your personal information well protected. There are no guarantees but they will definitely help.

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