See this clever ATM skimmer design. Read basic tips on how to protect your PIN info.

  • Team Omega
  • August 22, 2014

A side view of the stainless steel insert skimmer pulled from a European ATM.According to a European ATM Security Team (EAST), the US leads on ATM skimming cases.

Here’s a look at a stealthy new model of insert skimmer pulled from a cash machine in southern Europe just this past week. The skimmer was discovered inside the ATM’s card slot by a bank technician after the ATM’s “fatal error” alarm was set off, warning that someone was likely tampering with the cash machine. This story reported on Kreb’s, is still under investigation.

The backside of the insert skimmer reveals a tiny battery and a small data storage device (far left).Here’s a look at the electronics inside which appears to be powered by a simple $3 Energizer Lithium Coin battery.

Simple tips that could help protect your credit cards at the ATM

1. Avoid strange looking ATMs in unknown locations.
2. Use ATMs in well lit areas open to public view.
3. Cover the PIN pad with your hand when entering your PIN. By doing this, even if the card is skimmed, the PIN may not be available. A  PIN-pad overlay device can still capture your PIN, but it is less common than hidden cameras.