Cryptolocker: Learn how to avoid this intelligent malware.

  • Team Omega
  • July 14, 2014

Cryptolocker is an intelligent malware that encrypts user’s files. A hacker charges a service fee for sending a code to the person who wants the file encrypted. The malware is intelligent because it can avoid anti-virus programs and filters that are used to detect them. The malware spreads through emails or links in an email. Outdated web browsers or plug-ins can also be the source of the malware. It is important to note that automatic updates that are sent periodically be performed on time. It is also important to back-up files so if infected by the malware, the files can be retrieved without having to pay a ransom to a hacker to recover them. Some important rules to follow:

  1. Always open emails only from known sources.
  2. Read the content and do not click on links if they appear suspicious.
  3. Use link reputation to check if the link is good to open.
    • Can be done through the browser configuration.
  4. Back up data.
    • Cloud based backups are a good way to protect files.
  5. Organizations should set policies on email attachments, embedded links, and filtering of executable files.

Simple education can prevent Cryptolocker malware, however this malware is supposedly evolving, learning and growing.  So keep up by  educating yourself and staying aware.