Cyber crimes and malware attacks compel government to take actions

  • Team Omega
  • December 11, 2014

Cyber attacks are growing and moving at unstoppable speeds. The government is now awake as public awareness and concern demand attention. The first step has been around on what actions the government should take and how to weigh the opinions of both factions — political and business. One thing is clear in that both state and federal governments should play a part.

Al Pascual, director of fraud and security at Javelin Strategy and Research, spoke at a panel discussion held in Washington, District of Columbia. Pascual said, “Now, we’re at a point where I think everyone understands that it’s happening. The whole Sony incident, that’s going to reverberate across boardrooms throughout this country, so it’s a great time to bring business together, bring consumers and certainly the government to rectify this issue.”

Although the members of the panel had different views on what actions should be taken, the forum agreed that companies were drastically falling behind the methods used by attackers. Some suggestions from the NCL’s own “To-Do List for the 114th Congress” include creating a national data breach notification standard, requiring data holders to meet reasonable security requirements and making the FTC’s role in data security regulation more clear.

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