Cyber criminals are ubiquitous and managing cyber security is challenging

  • Team Omega
  • December 26, 2012

Let’s begin with shopping.  With the holidays here and online shopping increasing exponentially every year, sites like Amazon or ebay are used heavily for credit card transactions. Security requirements are being followed but criminals are always looking for loopholes to get in and siphon personal information.

Next is social media. Social networking is more the norm than an exception. It is being used widely in the workplace for business purpose or otherwise. It is an easier target for hackers since there are no regulations in place and plenty of personal information is exchanged here. In one of the articles published recently on this topic it says at least 70% of users have been spammed.

How about mobile devices? Almost everyone has a device that they carry around all the time. It is extremely convenient but convenience brings with it great risks and drawbacks. Over the past year mobile device attacks have increased by about 185% and still growing. There are no definite policies or procedures set on these devices for security or block unauthorized users from getting in.

Finally, BYOD – bring you own devices to work.
Employers are just starting to get smart about it. All types of devices hook on to the corporate network. Many employers or IT departments do not have a check-in policy.  Once you get into the corporate network it is fair game for all.

With all of these threats growing things are poised to get worse. However, the good news is that data security companies are working hard to stay ahead of the hackers. Omega is prepared all the way to help protect and secure your customer’s information.

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