Cyber Resilient C-Stores

  • Team Omega
  • October 12, 2017


The widespread breaches and natural disasters of 2017 have forced us to think deeply about how convenience stores can be more resilient to cyber threats. Equifax, Sonic Drive-In, U.S. Power Plants, Petya, WannaCry, Chipotle, Yahoo, Irma, Harvey, Maria — what do these events force us to consider about how we manage our IT systems? Each year at Omega, we consider the threat landscape and align our solutions according to what we feel will most help convenience store retailers.

  • In 2015, we delivered a solution for comprehensive data security for the card data environment and non-card data environment with Appliance S100.
  • In 2016, we focused on improving the flexibility and compatibility of our solutions in order to fit seamlessly into a variety of multi-technology, multi-vendor environments.
  • In 2017, we delivered streamlined business continuity and network management with Appliance S150, which offers 4G/LTE backup to ensure connectivity during ISP outages.

And in 2018, in light of the variety of natural and human disasters that have impacted us this year, our focus is on cyber resilience. Cyber resilience requires that along with security, flexibility, and continuity, we ensure better communication, greater employee readiness, and more proactive processes.

Here’s what to expect from Omega this year at NACS Show 2017:

1. Focus on People – Security awareness training, streamlined incident response planning, anti-phishing solutions, and better communication through better reporting tools.
2. Business Continuity – 4G/LTE backup solutions for when your ISP fails; and remote control to your endpoints that does not disrupt your active user.
3. Single Sign-On – A solution to consolidate your commonly used web-applications (loyalty, POS, back office, security, document sharing) into one platform, accessible with a single sign-on with multifactor authentication.
4. Predictive Technology – Machine learning and heuristic engines to ensure our endpoint security solutions not only react, but predict and proactively defend against threats.
5. Simplicity – Hardware that consolidates network monitoring, internal vulnerability scanning, secure wireless, and network management into one device: Appliance S150. As a result, security, continuity, and PCI compliance are far more streamlined.

Be sure to stop by the Omega Booth #3371 to learn about our latest solutions. Check out our special Promotions offered during show days. In addition, Omega will be demonstrating Appliance S150 on a Fiscal Systems POS solution at Booth #4351.


Visit us at Booth #3371


Cool New Products Room – Learn about Omega Appliance S150 and take our security quiz to win useful prizes for your organization.
Omega ATC Booth #3371 – Learn about the latest cyber threats and how OmegaSecure can help you prepare for the threat landscape in 2018.
Fiscal Systems Booth #4351 – See Appliance S150 live with a Fiscal Systems POS solution; sign up to receive free card data discovery scans and risk intelligence reports for your organization.

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