Data security versus breaches: How can retailers step-up their game?

  • Team Omega
  • October 28, 2014

Another new day, another new data breach. This has become the ‘New Norm’ at least over the last two years. It has come to a point of not if a business will get hacked, but when. Does this mean retailers surrender and give up?  Do they simply say, “We are going to pay anyway so let’s just wait for the breach to happen and pay all at once?” Hardly!

Data security is not about spending money. It’s about risk reduction. Retailers can be compliant and still have a breach. No standard is fool proof or breach proof. On the other hand not doing anything about data security greatly increases the risk of a breach. At the very least, retailers need to reduce risk by implementing good data security solutions is a necessary step and it avoids complications down the road.

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