Data terrorists target vulnerable POS systems

  • Team Omega
  • December 10, 2012

One major hacking incident happened just recently in September 2012. Two eastern european cyber terrorists, Romanians to be precise, siphoned off humongous chunks of consumer data quite easily.

Their target was Subway sandwich shops. Information off credit cards along with the PINs from more than 150 shops literally fell into their hands because their entry way was left wide open. The losses to Subway were estimated at more than $10 million.

Causes were as basic as,

  • Not assigning passwords to get into the system. Investigations into the breach showed that some did not have a login requirement. In fact the field was blank and a password was not required at all. 
  • Using the same password forever. Compliance requirements insist on frequent changes of passwords but retailers do not take this seriously.
  • All parties sharing the same password. This opened the system and network up to all people including technicians who now had access to all and any customer information.

Note: Upcoming blogs will list other security loopholes that caused this particular breach.

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