Debit cards: Why and where should you not use them?

  • Team Omega
  • October 5, 2017

Debit card compromiseDo not use debit cards for any type of purchase.

  1. If the card is breached, the criminal has direct access to your checking account. It can be instantly cleaned out.
  2. Unlike credit cards where you can dispute a charge, there is no way to reclaim the money you lost.

Do not use debit cards at an open ATM and never at night at these locations.

  1. It makes it easy for a criminal to place a card reading skimmer on the ATM.
  2. Placing a skimmer inside a store with a lot of traffic, lighting, and people around is more difficult.

Do not use debit cards at gas stations

  1. Again a skimming device at the pump where cards are swiped can be used by criminals to compromise the debit card.
  2. Even if a PIN cannot be retrieved, it is easy to duplicate a magnetic strip and reuse it.

Online purchase is the most dangerous place for debit card use.

  1. The card information can be compromised at all touch points.
  2. Malware may be on the user’s computer, at endpoints, and among other risks man-in-the-middle attack is very likely.

In addition to these risks, which ever type of attack it might be, it is next to impossible to trace the criminal collecting your information at the other end.  Call Omega today at 636-489-3613, or email for questions. Visit