Stop exploit kits from invading your network and systems

  • Team Omega
  • May 31, 2016
Stop exploit kits from invading your network and systems

Stop exploit kits from invading your network and systems

Exploit kits are prepackaged software system used by hackers to attack servers and automatically exploit vulnerabilities. In 2015 these kits were continuously improved upon and used successfully. According to the Dell threat report, ” the kits come loaded to attack certain vulnerabilities, but can also be tweaked on the fly to exploit the newest weaknesses, often the same day they are discovered”.

How to avoid becoming a victim to exploit kits? 

  1. Stay on top of patches and updates
  2. Use the latest software
  3. Stay current with antivirus, anti-malware and anti-spyware
  4. Log activities
  5. Segment corporate network
  6. Train staff to avoid downloading material from unknown websites and social media sites
  7. Do not connect to mistrusted websites
  8. Stay on top of data security as a whole
  9. Be certain that third-party vendors follow compliance standards

It is imperative to get to near-perfection with your organization’s data security. This means get data security experts and managed security service providers involved. Get started now.

How can Omega help you from becoming a victim to exploit kits?

We have been in the business of retail security for over 25 years. OmegaSecure™, the private cloud, hosted data security solution is ideal for convenience stores, petroleum marketers, quick service restaurants, and specialty retailers. As a PCI Certified Managed Security Services Provider, Omega provides a comprehensive set of services including the Omega Appliance™ to monitor in-store data security, and the Omega Compliance Dashboard™ for tracking compliance status.