Don’t wait for a letter from your acquiring bank to start your organization’s data security process

  • Team Omega
  • July 21, 2016

data-security 2016
The best time for retailers to start a thorough data security process in their organizations is to jump right in, today. Do not wait for a letter from your acquiring bank or card company to begin. Hackers don’t wait around for the right time to exploit weaknesses. Their job is ongoing. If retailers haven’t done much or are doing piece meal projects to close security gaps, it is insufficient. Avoid disastrous and expensive results. Just talk to Omega ATC.

For effective data security, consider all components and areas of your business. All systems internal and external, networks and applications, along with people, processes, and physical areas. Begin with assessment, move on to findings, then address them systematically until they are resolved. The objective is to keep moving ahead with a realistic budget year after year. Do not think of data security as an investment with a return. Retail security is about securing the business and the continuity of the business. It is not about financial returns on investment. Breached entities don’t question the value of data security anymore. Theirs is an expensive lesson.

Majority of retailers understand that choosing to ignore glaring flaws in their data security would only lead them to deeper woes. Small to large merchants are working with Omega to help them deal with all their security issues. Omega’s commitment towards customers in addressing gaps and providing unparalleled solutions/services in the best interest of the customer has kept businesses seeking Omega out.

What do you need help with?

  • Recovery after an incident?
  • Start of the data security process?
  • Handling the entire data security and compliance process?
  • Assistance with an audit?

Omega has the undisputed expertise to handle them all and deliver the best results. Omega is here to help. Contact Omega right away. 636-557-7777.