Flash ROBS? What has data security got to do with it?

  • Team Omega
  • August 29, 2011

Social media has expanded from entertaining and exciting “Flash Mobs” to much more sinister events called “FLASH ROBS”. “Flash Mobs” refer to spontaneous dancing or other antics of a group of people while “Flash ROBS” are when dozens of people enter a C-store and rapidly strip it of a significant amount of its inventory.

If you have not eliminated common windows accounts / passwords, have employee, customer or card data on systems, or expose DVR access, wireless access point keys, or other security information on potentially stolen systems and equipment, they can be used to target your customers, employees, or other stores for future thefts.

What should you do? Physical placement of some security related equipment such as your security DVRs for your security cameras is crucial.  FLASH ROB participants are often internet savvy, access via remote control or browser to cameras and DVRs should be protected just like payment systems from unauthorized or unlogged access. It is highly likely that FLASH ROBBERS are capable of taking payment terminals, POS, or back office systems since they come in groups to get their job done quickly.