Hackers in desperation

  • Team Omega
  • April 6, 2015

Hack incidents related to ATM machines take place in different ways such as using an operator code, infecting the machine with a malware and getting it to spit out the cash, gaining access to the previous user’s pin, using a skimmer to get the credit or debit card information and several other clever ways.

Here’s something new that was posted in a security blog. ATM machines were physically destroyed so badly that the loss of the different parts of the ATM ran into several thousands of dollars. The hackers needed to get to the cash as quickly as possible and ‘they went to town on a wall-mounted cash machine with crowbars and hammers’. However, the efforts were in vain as the hackers couldn’t get to the cash.

Thieves with crowbars did massive and costly damage to this ATM, but were thwarted in cracking the safe.  This thief-ravaged ATM is totaled.

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