Hackers have more fun on April Fool’s Day

  • Team Omega
  • March 31, 2017

Beware of Hackers on April Fool's dayHackers tend to be extra active on April 1st. So, things you’d watch out for are:

  1. Email attachments from friends, contacts, colleagues… basically everyone. Hackers like this simple channel.
  2. Email links within the mail. Pay close attention to the URL on the links.
  3. Social media tricks are plenty as well – Watch out for anything related to passwords.
  4. Also, the simple one called Phishing – Sites coming off as trustworthy and entice you into plugging in personal information.
  5. Finally, the dangerous Keyloggers. Hackers will send you a credible looking link to install. Once clicked, the Keylogger will install automatically and start capturing the keystroke information.

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