How do cyber criminals circumvent email security measures?

  • Team Omega
  • September 15, 2012

Cyber criminals are too clever especially when it comes to hacking via targeted emails.  Here are a few ways used.

  • Criminals embed a malicious link in an email but don’t send it out on a regular work day as this sort of email can be easily blocked at the receiver’s end.  They only do it on a late Friday evening.
  • The destination page that has malicious code after a link is clicked on is where things matter.  So, criminals take control of that.
  • After emails get to the in-boxes of victims on a late Friday evening, criminals wait.
  • On a Sunday is when hackers embed the malicious code on the destination pages.
  • The following day, usually first thing on a Monday morning, the emails that are already in the in-boxes of victims are waiting to be opened. The victim does exactly that — opens the email, and then clicks on the link. Voila, the victim is on the malicious web site and is infected. 

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