How to ensure continuous compliance? Here are some suggestions.

  • Team Omega
  • April 4, 2014
Here are some points  from an article related to establishing an IT control framework. However, this is perfectly applicable for ensuring continuous compliance in retail security as well.  Some sensible high-level points that a business can follow:  Phone 636-557-7777 for more information on continuous compliance.

Planning and Organization: Acquisition & Implementation: Delivery and Support:
Determine information architecture Acquire, maintain application software Ensure systems security
Define IT organization, relationships Acquire, maintain technology infrastructure Educate, train users
Ensure compliance with external requirements Develop, maintain procedures Manage problems, incidents
Assess risks Manage changes Manage data, facilities, operation

In addition, follow all aspects of monitoring, updating, patching, logging, two-factor authentication, anti-virus, anti-malware, wireless intrusion detection and prevention.

Have a dedicated IT staff to do the above.  If you do not have the staff, talk to a trusted managed security service provider like Omega ATC.   Omega ATC is a certified Level 1 service provider and has all the credentials to keep you compliant.  Phone 636-557-7777.