I Don’t Want an Authentication Token!

  • Team Omega
  • July 17, 2011

Many users complain that carrying around a token device in their pocket or key chain (key fob with a little display on it, USB device to plug into their computer, etc.) to use for entering their second form of authentication when logging into security compliant  computer systems is very troublesome.  They “don’t want it hanging from my key chain when driving”,  “I forget it on my desk at work or at home”,  “what happens if the battery dies”, etc. are all common complaints or concerns we hear from users that have to use them. 

Some users even buy two token devices to keep at their most common locations, which of course is not as secure, as one could be used without their knowledge when they are not present.   However, If a user has a smart phone (Apple iPhone, Android, etc.), the token they need to enter when logging in can also be securely generated on their smart phone instead.   Most people are used to carrying their phone around with them, so eliminating the token device and using the phone for that purpose is just what the doctor ordered for most folks.   Check with your security product or service provider to see if there is a better option for you.