Is it necessary to update and apply patches?

  • Team Omega
  • September 23, 2013

An uncle of mine says, “I will never download any update files on my computer especially if it is working fine.”  This goes through several people’s minds as they are not informed about how hackers attack personal or corporate data and the simple reasons why breaches happen.

Cyber attackers are on the prowl always looking for vulnerabilities that can help them break in.  Opeating systems in computers have a built in system to update, apply patches to fix little bugs and problems that might make it easy for hackers to infiltrate.  This is one simple and sensible reason as to why the updates and fixes have to be applied immediately.

Enabling the automatic updates feature will constantly keep your desktops and laptops up-to-date on the fixes.  More importantly, they help keep them secure from attacks.  If there are patch releases that have to be installed manually, it is better to do them right away as well.

In corporate environments, this does not happen regularly leaving the entire network open to vulnerabilities.  Level 1 and Level 2 merchants especially have to pay attention to this aspect of data security.  We are talking about 100s of laptops, desktops, mobile systems and so on.   This is a crucial part of systems managment and data security in a large environment. Omega ATC does this well through thier unparalleled Omega solutionsGet in touch with Omega to protect your business.