Are you inviting trouble?

  • Team Omega
  • July 4, 2011

Online payments to vendors like or definitely feel safer and more secure than giving my card or personal information over the phone.  Well, maybe safer but not completely secure.

So, many a times when payments cannot be made online, I end up giving the numbers over the phone versus sending out faxes. Faxes are still used by several small businesses or organizations!  Am I inviting trouble here?  Being in the business of helping people safeguard their data, nothing seems completely secure. How do we ensure that what is said over the phone is not written in a book or stored away somewhere, or passed around to several people?

The only answers I have are-

  • Keep changing your credit card numbers at least every six months 
  • Check all your statements to be sure you understand what payments were made and when

I would love to hear better answers from our readers and followers.