• Team Omega
  • August 27, 2015
PreEmptive Web


We are thrilled to introduce you to an exciting data security solution from Omega ATC:
Omega PreEmptive Web filtering, a cloud-delivered security service that blocks threats as advanced attacks are being set up, rather than always reacting to attacks as they happen. The service monitors a percentage of all internet traffic and builds its databases, both malicious and harmless.
How it works

Enforcement and intelligence begin at the Internet’s Domain Name System layer (DNS), and with the use of a unique approach to security, visibility is gained by Omega PreEmptive Web filtering into the attacker’s world,

  1. Where they assemble their infrastructure and arsenal
  2. Where the attackers leverage the infrastructure, and leave threat crumbs behind
  3. Where relationships are formed between domains, IPs and known bad infrastructures

If a site is classified as malicious, request to view the page is denied and the computer receives a custom web page saying the page has been blocked. Requests are also denied if a site is blocked due to custom company settings or black listings.


  • Simple to deploy
  • Security in the cloud makes it easy to manage
  • No hardware to install
  • No software to maintain
  • Nothing you need to update
  • Category-based filtering
  • Meets compliance requirements
  • Allows or blocks specific domains
  • Service reliability
  • On-demand scalability
  • And more…
For the first time on such a service, you don’t have to compromise on performance, efficacy, or manageability. Omega’s PreEmptive Web filtering delivers highly effective malware, botnet and phishing protection because it eliminates two big obstacles: collecting and reacting to samples, and relying on devices for delivery. Call us at 636-557-7777 or email Security@OmegaSecure.com for more details.