Omega stops at nothing to protect your data. On Halloween day, our Security Strategists go the entire mile.

  • Team Omega
  • October 31, 2013

Today, Brett the Red Ranger came back to destroy the ‘sabotager’ on his path.  Omega’s physical security policies are as stringent as data security policies.  If hackers just won’t stop, then our Security Strategists take the necessary actions as you see here.

Jokes aside, spam attacks are big especially around Halloween. Watch for all the tell tale signs such as pictures sent as attachments, emails, and social media posts.  Don’t answer surveys especially with those free offerings.  Never fill in those email fields.  You will be able to avoid a gazillion spam-related hack and cyber hell issues.

While there are fun games and the naive user is sucked into it by tricky marketing, protecting one’s identity is primary. Protect yourself against fiendish phishing attacks and malevolent malware with the latest antivirus software, and latest updates of patches.