Omega’s Frontline data security appliance for your retail stores

  • Team Omega
  • May 5, 2016


Don’t gamble with your business’s data security and your customer’s data. The good news is protecting your store’s most sensitive information from sophisticated hackers just became easier with Omega’s Appliance. Get started now.

Small, powerful, and fully supported frontline data security solution on the market today is the S100 Omega Appliance.  The S100 Appliance packs state-of-the-art internal vulnerability scanning, monitoring, and logging technology into an unobtrusive device. It works in EMV and point-to-point encryption environments and addresses several Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards requirements. (PCI DSS 3.2) There is no virtual private network connection required, it works even on slow-speed connections, and does not disrupt store traffic.

The Appliance is integrated with three layers of security — Private Cloud Infrastructure, Security Operations Center (SOC) and our Data Security Strategists.

Don’t be deceived by its small size

Not another bulky box.
At only 5″x5″x2″, the S100 Appliance is a small, solid-state computer plugging into an open network port within your card data environment (CDE). The device collects logs for PCI compliance from your CDE. You won’t even notice it, but it’ll be working continuously to keep your data and network safe.

No-Fuss installation.
The S100 Appliance comes pre-configured with all the software installed. Plug it in, connect to your LAN, and you’re set.

Reliable infrastructure and 24/7 support.
The S100 Appliance is fully integrated with Omega’s SOC for 24/7 monitoring; support provided by Systems Engineers and Data Security Strategists at the Omega SOC.

Stolen information can destroy your business. Let this simple yet powerful S100 Omega Appliance protect your data from hackers. Our cost-effective solution is trusted by retailers to scan, monitor, and log their enterprise’s data. Your customers expect their information to be safe, and your business depends on it.

Call Thomas Duncan at 636-557-7777 x2452, or email Get started now.