Online shopping is fun when we understand the basics of keeping our personal information secure.

  • Team Omega
  • November 11, 2013

Most would agree that online shopping is not only fun but easy as it takes out all the hassle of travelling, standing in lines, and wasting time.  Sometimes, an online purchase can be even cheaper compared to a store purchase.  

It is even better if you are an informed shopper just so your security is maintained.   Remember, thieves are watching and waiting for the vulnerable shopper to slip.   Here are a few steps to cover when shopping for the upcoming holidays.

  1. Log in and log out of your secure online shopping page using proper password guidelines.
  2. Make sure the site you are shopping on is legitimate.
  3. Read terms and conditions before filling out personal information. 
  4. Print your receipts before logging out as electronic copies might get lost if the computer data gets corrupted.  Always log out.  
  5. Update your machines and applications with the latest patches so viruses, malwares, spywares and trojans can’t get in easily.

In spite of the list of precautions one needs to take, payment through credits cards is a safe way.  Fraudulent charges and other misuse of your credit card have clear recourses to get your money back. 

As an example, an employee’s credit card was stolen and used to make an online purchase by a user outside of the U.S.  The retailer had to verify several details to be sure certain previous purchases were not fraudulently charged as well.  For this affirmation, both the card company and the retailer needed specifics as to what were bought between a certain time frame, when, and where.  It is impossible to trace all this information without the details of a receipt that you get through a purchase made via a credit card.  Once these details were verified, the employee’s account was promptly credited.