Passwords. Where the dangers lurk and how you can avoid them.

  • Team Omega
  • February 1, 2016

We all use at least ten different passwords to access our information on the computer, online, mobile phone, tablets, etc. They are extremely important to be kept a secret. It is not that difficult to create a password, but to create one that’s hard to decipher is. There are tools that can easily guess a password by using the ‘brute force’ method. Protect yours because a lost password can open your life up to criminals capable of flipping your world upside down.

  1. It is necessary nowadays to come up with a password that is hard for a hacker to guess but easy for you to remember. Read the link that’ll enable you to come up with a password with a complicated pattern yet hard to break.
  2. Hardware devices can figure out keystrokes and thereby your passwords. Anti-virus and anti-malware installed on your computer can stop keystroke detection. Keystroke detection threats come from sniffers that figure them out wirelessly, such as those transmitted to PCs from Microsoft manufactured keyboards, called KeySweeper. So, it is best to avoid Microsoft keyboards.
  3. Parting or giving away your password voluntarily. It is easy for hackers to extract your passwords through phishing emails. So, beware of suspicious looking emails that ask you for a lot of personal information. Do not open suspicious emails from unknown sources.
  4. Beware of NFC (near field communication). NFC is used by smartphones for data transfers. Phones with NFC capability bump or swipe together, establish a connection and exchange data. While it is easy to transfer data, it is not at all secure as there are no credentials to authenticate.
  5. Keep your hardware secure — all phones, tablets and laptops. Use passwords to login on your mobile devices. It is also possible to enable tracking on your phones, while desktop computers in offices may need to be locked down.

Use password techniques that work best for you. Although hackers are persistent, making their task hard can deter them from trying to hack yours.

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