Perform internal vulnerability scanning at multiple locations anytime without impacting your store activities

  • Team Omega
  • December 30, 2015

Omega Appliance

Are data security measures like internal vulnerability scanning, network monitoring, and log collection from the cardholder data environment (CDE) becoming a challenge in your retail environment?

They can be challenging if internal scanning schedules interfere with store activities, bog down your network, or systems cannot be monitored locally.

The Omega Appliance will help without requiring any changes to your existing network infrastructure. The superior technology of the Appliance eliminates the need to install software on store systems. Each device communicates securely and directly with the Omega Security Operations Center (SOC).

Retailers need affordable solutions with the best network security possible. The Appliance can address that need rapidly. It will scan endpoints in the network, detect weaknesses, monitor the network, and alert management of suspicious activity.

Simplicity and Power in One Small Device

  1. The Omega Appliance is a small solid-state device.
  2. Comes pre-loaded with software; simply plug it into a network port within the CDE.
  3. Operates locally on each store network; no virtual private network (VPN) connection required.
  4. Has PCI-required internal vulnerability scanning and log collection capabilities.
  5. Performs network monitoring and alerting for all systems in the card data segment.
  6. Captures firewall syslogs and monitors locally for detecting intrusions.
  7. Logs will be reviewed and maintained for 365 days at Omega’s SOC.
  8. POS systems at stores will not be impacted.
  9. The Appliance is centrally managed from the Omega Security Operations Center.

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