Prepare for what’s coming your way from data security threats in 2014

  • Team Omega
  • December 11, 2013

Hackers are already persistently going after businesses, especially the larger merchants.   So, how exactly are retailers supposed to protect their data to keep up with the perseverance and speed of these threats?  

As known already, threats exist externally and internally.  No one group within the company can safeguard it from threats.  So, a combination of efforts by various departments could make a big difference. 

  • Make security not a piece but a continuous part of the other high-priority efforts within the company. 
  • Make expenses related to data security as an ongoing budget every year.
  • Engage business decision-makers so they understand that if there is no maintenance of security, there might not even be a business to run tomorrow.
  • Don’t stay in a bubble; get involved and understand from other businesses what steps are being introduced towards security efforts.
  • Lastly, understanding alone is not enough.  Acting on that knowledge will keep businesses ahead of the hackers.

In addition, continue with the monitoring, scanning, logging, information security policies, data encryption, risk assessments, incident response plans and practices.  There are no hundred percent guarantees against hack attacks but these efforts will prove that the business has taken all regulatory efforts.  In spite of all these measures, if an incident ever takes place and a Qualified Security Assessor comes in to see what security measures you had in place,  the reputation and monetary losses will not be even half as bad as they would otherwise.

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