Protect your wireless network from security breaches before wireless hackers dip into your data and your pocket -I

  • Team Omega
  • January 24, 2012

According to the 2007 report “Calculating the Cost of a Security Breach,” a security breach can cost between $90 and $305 per record. And according to 2011 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, there were more cyber security breaches in 2010 than any other year to date, with 92 percent of those breaches stemming from external agents.

Such staggering statistics should have you considering how your business can better protect your wireless network from such malicious attacks. It is also important for your organization to know and understand PCI requirements for wireless networks and how they affect your business. Not only can your reputation be damaged quickly and severely, but so can your finances.

Wireless Intrusion Prevention
To help your business maintain PCI DSS compliance and ensure a protected wireless network, implementing both Wireless Intrusion Detection (WID) and Wireless Intrusion Prevention (WIP) is crucial.

  • WID monitors wireless networks for suspicious access attempts, for both wired and wireless POS networks that may be susceptible to intrusions and for rogue or unauthorized access.
  • While WID acts as a wireless watchdog, alerting customers to issues that may contribute to a wireless intrusion, WIP takes the process a step further by preventing detected wireless issues before a breach occurs.
  • WIP is capable of blocking unauthorized wireless access using any access points, smart phones and laptops; and deters multiple threats at once without interfering with an organization’s daily functions.